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What We Do

Like the saying goes, "a stich in time, saves nine", Amewudah GirlChild Educational funds Inc (AGEFI) renders swift assistance in ensuring that the girl child is equipped, empowered and braced to face the future, in contributing their qouta to National development. We have selected most West African countries such as Ghana, Togo, Ivory coast, Mali, Guinea, Burkinafaso and other neighbouring countries.


Here's what we do:

Imagine as a girl child, you have great dreams of attaining higher academic laurels but you're faced with financial burden from the family, leading to a drop out of school, early marriage, child labour and other constraints meant to keep body and soul alive.


Against this background, AGEFI as part of it's quest to be an agent of change in Africa, stand to invest in the education of the girl child and thus female education in general.

 AGEFI has a system that seeks to fish out the girl child in West African countries with the support of the community, teachers, traditional rulers, government officials and  advocacy groups in perspective.


We stand to provide educational materials, scholarship packages, vocational and technical trainings and other Humanitarian gestures meant to ensure the removal of barriers to girl child education.

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